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Brick Blaster
Brick Blaster is a traditional brick breaking game. Featuring 100 levels to complete. There are power-ups to grab, new paddles to unlock, and bosses to defeat. Plus an Endless game mode is available, allowing for unlimited game play!

100 levels across 5 Challenge sections to play through.
Bosses to defeat at the end of each Challenge section.
Power Ups and Power Downs to catch.
An Endless game mode offering unlimited play.

Available on Steam!

Perilous Space
On the way to the mining colony on the planet, Crag, your transport ship explodes! Fleeing in an escape pod, you and two other survivors must find safe harbor. But space is a perilous place. Only through your choices will you succeed or perish in this interactive science fiction adventure.

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Legion of the Dead
The kingdom of Paleth has been invaded by an army of animated skeletons lead by the necromancer, Leto Nesk. Now it falls upon you to journey across a dangerous land in search of aid before all is lost. Only through your choices will you succed or fail in this interactive fantasy adventure!

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